Education for the 21st Century was established in 2011 as a Multi-Academy Trust.  All the Trustees have clear and long lasting commitment to the education of young people and they are skilled in operating effectively to the benefit of the Trust’s schools, their students, their staff, their parents and the wider local communities they serve.


The vision of Education for the 21st Century is to achieve educational transformation by growing a family of academies that share common principles, aims and values.


We seek to provide a high quality education focused on developing the gifts and talents of all learners and adults within the Trust and to give young people the qualifications, knowledge, personal skills and personal competencies to become highly employable citizens who can take a leading role in 21st Century society.


Scheme of Delegation

 Scheme of Delegation June 2019

Resolution and Articles Feb 2017

DoV_Funding agreement 2017

Final Full Scheme of Delegation for Governors Approved July 2019 290819


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