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Student Leadership

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Student Leadership


Our Vision for Student Leadership @ TRS

Students at the Ravensbourne School share a strong sense of community cohesion and social responsibility. Student Leadership aims to provide co-curricular opportunities created by our students, for our students and run by our students. We recognise learning is by no means limited to the classroom and Student Leadership opportunities work; within the school community, alongside a variety of external organisations and amongst the Bromley Borough. Students may apply to join our Key Stage 3 Prefect Team in Year 8 and our Senior Prefect Team for Post 16. With regular meetings, our Prefect Teams discuss and reflect upon a continual array of opportunities to support progress, develop skill sets and integrate Ravensbourne’s role within the borough.

What we do and why we do it

Our Student Leadership Team understands their education in terms of a social contract- they receive an education and in return contribute to the schools wider aims and objectives. Our ever-increasing array of Co-curricular activities aims to support the student body with Peer-to–Peer academic and pastoral support. Students may receive Safeguarding training and come to work closely with staff, liaising, creating and communicating to ensure all our students gain the best access to opportunity.

The possibilities are endless, any students within the school, prefect team or otherwise, is welcome to attend meetings and suggest initiatives and ventures. We are open and accommodating to new ideas and interests – if you cannot see something you are interested in - then create it.

Student Leadership aims to equip our students with a range of additional skills they may be able to utilise in their next steps - post Ravensbourne. In an ever-competitive market, Student Leadership offers opportunity to step out from the crowd.

 Peer Court

Peer Court @ TRS

Peer Court continues to prove a successful strategy in engaging our students with the responsibility to oversee and support their own student body. Peer Court Senior Prefects are responsible for setting up regular Peer Court sessions across all year groups, where individuals may discuss issues within the school in a safe and supportive environment. Between them, they may build a tailored programme of support to ensure individuals may continue to access their education whilst taking responsibility for their learning and actions within the classroom. Our Peer Court Seniors liaise with Pastoral and teaching staff and ensure they follow up on cases until they find satisfactory conclusions.


Mentoring @TRS

Our ever-popular Mentoring Programme is now in its fifth year. Our Post 16 Mentors receive specific guidance and safeguarding training allow them to support their mentees with a whole range of varying issues. The role of the Mentor is to act as a guide and an advocate for their mentee in any issues they may have, meeting with them on a regular basis and where necessary, liaising with appropriate staff to communicate avenues of support. In recent years, we have seen students who benefitted as a mentee in their earlier years return to the scheme as a mentor in order to ‘give-back’ to the programme. Mentoring supports students with a wide range of issues, from transition to friendship, from attendance to organisation- everyone may benefit from a little extra support at times.

 Franklin Scholars

Franklin Scholars@ TRS

Franklin Scholars is a peer tutoring and coaching programme, training secondary school students to support younger pupils in the transition from primary to secondary. Rigorous recruitment, training and support programme challenges and equips the Franklin Scholars to lead weekly workshops combining group activities, 1:1 literacy tuition and 1:1 coaching for Year 7s. The Franklin Scholars will develop the skills they need to forge ahead in their own education, while helping Year 7s boost their literacy skills and develop the resilience to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.



 Mock Trials

Mock Trials@ TRS

For a number of years TRS Student Leadership have been working with the Citizenship Foundation (blog.citizenshipfoundation.org.uk) to ensure our students have experience and familiarity with the British legal system on paper and in process. In Year 9 our students take part in the Magistrates Mock Court Competition, gaining legal training and competing against local schools in Bromley Magistrates Court, enacting genuine court cases. Post 16 gives opportunity for students to develop their understanding further, this time within the Crown Courts, once more taking position of prosecution or defence with the addition of a full Jury. Mock Trials is invaluable to any student wishing to take an education in Law or any student wishing to understanding more on their nation’s due process and legal system.

 Discovery Library Assistants

Who? Miss Roberts

Role: Assisting in the Discovery Library at lunch time. Helping KS3 students with home learning, loaning books, behaviour management and computer work.

Requirements: One lunch time a week. Monday or Tuesday Lunch Time in the Discovery Library.

Skills: Reliable, friendly, helpful, willing to learn.

 Parliament Matters

Parliament@ TRS

TRS Parliament engages students across the Key Stages with the democratic process and British Parliamentary Politics, alongside giving a voice to the student body. Currently our students have taken it upon themselves to reform our Parliament- separating themselves into 4 unique parties, with set manifestos, who will be canvassing for votes within school this summer. Students meet with frequency to discuss topics such as meaningful reform, public relations, hosting assemblies, representing student voice and hustings to name but a few. Whole school elections have become commonplace with TRS annually electing two Youth Councillors to the Bromley Borough.


 Take D'Bait

Take D’Bait@ TRS

TRS Debate Society, Take D’Bait, are always looking to make contact with local schools looking to organise friendly debates. We annually take part in the excellent Debating Matters Competition in partnership with the Institute of Ideas, reaching the National Final in 2017. Key Stage Three opportunities are also now arising as we have began to take part in the Pixl Up for Debate Competition (http://upfordebate.co.uk/). Our student leaders are committed to researching and planning lively debates where they throw themselves into the argument irrespective of personal feelings or persuasions. We aim to ensure all of our motions are relevant to the lives of young people and deal with issues where the sides are not always clear and the ground not well trodden. This year we hope to make our entrance into Oxford University’s Model UN Competition.


 Mock Elections

Mock Elections@ TRS

Over the last five years TRS have held a number of high profile whole school Mock Trials to coincide with the ‘real world events’. Throughout British (and American elections) students have taken the lead as party representatives; building manifestos, canvassing the school, creating promotional materials, holding hustings, ensuring a fair and secret ballot and as Returning Officers- counting votes and announcing the Polls. Our students have organised and hosted hustings to include all the significant party candidates in the build up to a General Election, with local MP Bob Neill in attendance. To further our understanding of Parliamentary Politics students annually organise a tour of the Commons and have attended ‘Political Speed Debating’ where our students met with a number of MP’s to grill them about current issues effecting students’ lives.

 Charity and Events

Charity and Events@ TRS

TRS Student Leaders are always looking for a charitable project or enterprise to be involved with, especially those relating to the local community. If you think we may be able to support you, feel free to send us a message and we will see what we can do. Examples of previous successful events, where we have been able to make use of our place within the community, include the annual ‘Big Red Box’ event (www.bigredbox.org) and the Bromley Borough Foodbank.




The BBBS (Big Brother Big Sister) offers a drop-in session for Key Stage 3 students who may wish to take a time out from the daily hubbub of the school day. Students may take some time out in the mornings before school and at lunchtime, meeting like-minded peers in a quiet environment where they may play games and feel some respite. Post 16 Senior Prefects are on hand to listen to any issues that may arise and offer support along with relating any relevant issues to the designated safeguard lead.

 Shares Schools

Shares4Schools @ TRS

“For 14 years, the Shares4Schools competition has been bringing Economics and Business studies to life as sixth form students invest real money into the stock market. Organised by The Share Centre, a leading retail stockbroker, each team competing in the competition starts with an investment pot of £2,000 to invest into the stock market (up £1,250 of which is contributed by The Share Centre), with the aim of achieving the greatest profit over the period October to May. Unlike other investment competitions, Shares4Schools allows students to invest real money into real stocks.

The competition allows year 12 students to build upon their financial knowledge as they learn about the mechanisms of the stock market. The pupils will also progress their team working skills as they work together to develop their investment strategy and their attitude to risk”- (www.shares4schools.co.uk)


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