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It is a requirement that parents contact the school in the case of a student’s absence.

Please can parents contact our Attendance Officers by 8.40am on the day of their child's absence. 

Please ensure that you clearly state on your phone number or email, your child’s name and surname, your child’s tutor group, the day of the absence and the reason for the absence.

In the event that contact is not made, the Attendance Officers will send a message to parents of any student who is absent and ask them to provide a reason. This is particularly important so we can make sure there has not been a problem for your child on the way to school.

A signed note from parents should then be brought in by the student on the day that they return to school, or an email should be sent explaining the absence. When an email is used, the school may follow up with a phone call to verify the validity of the email. A signed note is preferred where possible.

Years 7-11: 

Contact by email on absence@ravensbourne.info or contact the Attendance Officer, Mrs Bridle, directly on 020 8460 0083 – ext. 8504.

Years 12, 13 and Bromley Football Club ACademy:

Mrs Caschetto  020 8460 0083 – ext. 8503 or by email on fcaschetto@trs.e21c.co.uk

For all year groups

  • Any medical appointments should be made, where possible, after the end of school or during the school holidays so as to avoid disruption in the learning of the student. If it requires them to miss part of the school day, please ensure that KS3 & KS4 students are collected by an adult. It will be advisable that the students return as soon as possible if the appointment is in the morning or that they leave as late as possible if the appointment is in the afternoon.
  • Any absence due to a family trip or holiday during term time will not be authorised. Please send a letter in writing to the Headteacher if there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Any student with a sickness absence of more than 3 days within a short period must provide a doctor’s note.
  • Any student who is absent from school for any reason should make every effort to ensure that all work missed is caught up as quickly as possible.