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Our Staff

Driven by a determination to create welcoming schools for the local community, where every person thrives, makes excellent progress and succeeds.

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Our Staff

leadership team

SLT (ID 1299)

heads of year

Year Group

Head of Year                                           

Deputy Head of Year 

Year 7

Ms N Ferigan                    

Mr J Contreras-Ramis 

Year 8

Mr J Lovett                       

Miss C Power                 

Year 9

Miss T Brydon  

Ms N Whitby (Mat) 

Ms N Gorman (Acting) 

Year 10

Mr N Atherton 

Ms S Lees                 

Year 11

Mr G Sodergren              

Mr M Shaw 

Year 12

Ms M Clark-Forse            

Mr R Hughes 

Year 13

Ms D Mells            

Mr R Hughes 

teaching staff

Creative Arts

Ms D Beckford – Food/Hospitality

Miss A Chick – HoD Creative Arts

Mr J Greenan – Art/Graphics 

Mrs J Morgan-Nelson – Graphics/Lead Teacher – Graphics

Mr J O’Sullivan – Photography 

Miss R Parsons – Art 

Ms J Russell – Art (PT)

Miss R Schembri – Textiles/Technology/Graphics – PSHCE Co

Mr G Sodergren – Art/ HoY 10 

Mr M Shaw – D&T / DHoY 10


Mrs I Morrell – HoD Drama / Head of Careers

Miss J Leftley – Drama

Miss C Power – Drama / DHoY 8


Miss E Campbell – English / DHT Pastoral/Safeguarding

Miss M Christodoulou – English / Wellbeing

Ms M Clark-Forse – English / HoY 12

Mr B Dean – English 

Mr F De-Melo – English 

Mrs K German – HoD English

Mr Ross Harley – English 

Mr B Johal – English / AHT

Ms L Ledgard – English / KS3 Coordinator

Ms S Lees – English / KS4 Coordinator / DHoY 10

Ms A Maginn – English


Mr J Amponsah – HoD ICT

Miss F Begum – ICT


Ms D Collins – Business Studies

Mrs D Fyfe – HoD Business & Finance

Mr J Stanley – Business 


Ms F Clark – Geography 

Mrs L Cooper – Geography/DHT Q of E (mat)

Mrs L Cousins – Geography/ AHT 

Miss P Ingham – HOD Geography 

Mr A Lucas – Geography /AHT 

Ms S O’Dell – Geography / KS5 Pastoral Leader


Mr S Burns – History/LP in Learning / Staff Development

Mr J Lethbridge- History / EPQ Coordinator

Mr A Lange - History

Mr A Mills – History/ Politics/ HOD

Ms D Mells – Politics/History/HoY Year 13


Mr P Patel – Deputy Headteacher / Acting Head of Maths

Mrs E Ghoshun – Maths /2ic/KS3 Coordinator

Mr D Manivannan - Maths / KS4 Co-ordinator

Mr B Ogunyinka - Maths / Maths KS5 Lead / Head of Economics

Mr M Begley – Maths 

Ms C Clarke – Maths

Ms R Nuglo-Mensah – Maths

Mr R Lewis – AHT / Maths 

Mr C Lord - Maths

Mr K McGowan – Maths / KS3 Transition

Mrs H Patel – Maths

Ms A Hantiu - Maths

Media & Film Studies 

Ms L Allett – Media 

Mr R Hughes – Media / DHoY 12 & 13

Mr S Morrell – HoD Media / KS5 Progress Lead

Miss N Whitby – Media/DYL Year 8

Modern Foreign Languages 

Ms M Bisbal – Spanish (PT)

Mr J Contreras-Ramis – Head of Spanish/ DYL 7 / Data & Att

Ms P Gamundi – French / Head of MFL

Miss V Lerosier – French/ KS4 Director


Mr A Potts – HoD Music 

Mr J Taing – Music 

Physical Education Department 

Mr N Atherton – PE / HoY 10 / Deputy Safeguarding 

Mr S Burke – PE 

Miss T Brydon PE/HoY Year 9

Ms N Gorman – PE /Head of KS3 PE / DHoY 9

Mrs N Hughes – PE / Staff Development 

Mr J Lovett – PE / HOY 8

Mr G McGowan – Director of Sport

Miss V Parrish – Dance / Staff Development & Wellbeing

Mr J Vincent – Inclusion Manager/PE

Mr A Watts - PE


Dr T Ali – Science Lead Teacher Physics

Ms R Dulley-Walters – Science / Lead Practitioner T&L

Mr M Eselbor – Science 

Mrs Y Lawson – Science 

Ms A Nitkunan – Science / Lead Practitioner Sc

Mrs Y Singh – Science / 2iC / Lead Teacher Biology

Mr G Smith - HOD Science

Mr M Wilson – Science 

Mr D Worden – Science / AHT

Philosophy/Sociology/ Psychology/Health and Social Care

Mrs F Agunsoye – HoD HSOC

Ms N Ferigan – HSOC & RE /HoY Year 7

Mr J Seelan – Psychology (ECT)

Mrs K Situ – Director of Social Sciences, Psychlogy

Mr R Peprah – HoD Sociology

Ms K Hoyden Willis – HoD RE, Philosophy & Ethics


Curriculum Support & Interventions/Inclusion

Mr J Vincent -Inclusion Manager /PE


Ms L Dhima – EAL Co-ordinator KS3

Associate Staff

Mrs N Eames – School Business Manager

Mrs S Tregidden – Head's PA

Mrs S Cooper-Smith – Office Manager

Student Services

Ms S Adesina – HR Administrator

Mrs M Buonvino – Admin Assistant

Mrs E Hayler – Exams Administrator

Ms L Hobbs - Sixth Form Admin Assistant

Mrs N Jovanoska – Admin Assistant

Ms E Perry – Data Manager

Ms L Potter – Reprographics Technician/Admin Asst

Mrs C Robertson - Receptionist

Mrs C Tompsett – Medical Admin Assistant

Attendance and Welfare

Ms B Bridle – Attendance and Wellbeing Director

Mrs A Cassar – Sixth Form TA

Miss S Clark – KS3 Pastoral Welfare Director

Ms C Skeemer – KS4 Pastoral Mentor

Teaching Assistants

Mr Z Ahmed

Miss A Bigsby - Food Technician

Mr M Burrows

Ms S May  

Mr B Marshall

Ms J Moore 

Ms D Primarolo – SEN 

Mrs R Sargent – SEN

Ms Z Shenton – Behaviour Mentor – The Link

Mr J Shonibare – Senior Behaviour Mentor

Mrs C Skeemer – Behaviour Mentor

Ms N Smith - SEN

Ms U Qureshi 

Cover Supervisors

Mrs G Malyon – Senior TA/Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Quartey - Cover Supervisor

Language Assistants

Mrs M Sanchez Estevez - Spanish

Miss L Verrando – French


Mrs J Bhandari – Librarian

Ms E Roberts – Senior Librarian

ICT Support

Mr C Bell- ICT Manager

Mr N Padmanthan – ICT Support

Site Team

Ms K Davey - Site

Mr D Robson - Site

Mr D Richards - Site

Mr C Tracey – Site

Mr M Wilmot – Site Manager


Ms J Gray - Sixth Form Refectory                                                                            

Mr K Boyle – Canteen, Catering Manager 


Ms D Arnold – Science

Mr A Rackley – Media and Drama Technician ARA                                     

Mr K Osborne – Science

Mr L Olive - Science                                                                                        

Cleaning Staff

Mrs A Stilwell – Cleaner

Ms K Davey – Cleaner/Site