Maths Department

In years seven and eight, teachers use a variety of resources and approaches to teach Mathematics through small projects.
These projects are focused on 'applying Mathematics' to real life situations. This helps students to develop their
understanding of Mathematics and the skills needed to solve problems.

In year nine the students begin studying the GCSE curriculum. The problem solving skills developed in Key Stage Three
are strengthened and put to the test as students prepare for their GSCE examination.

The more able students will have the opportunity to sit their GCSE exam in Mathematics at the end of year ten and then
begin the 'AQA Further Maths' one year course in year eleven which will provide them with another GCSE qualification
and support them in studying Mathematics further. The Mathematics Department have the expertise and knowledge to
teach the full range of modules in A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. We aim for our lessons to be
interactive and rigorous.

Many of our students continue their studies in Mathematics and they have all gained places in the most prestigious universities.

Useful Maths links

One valuable resource that we use for Key Stage Three Mathematics and Numeracy is

A valuable resource that we use for Key Stage Five Mathematics is

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